Monday, August 18, 2008

My New Addiction...

It's related to numbers, and I got it on clearance at Wal-Mart for three bucks:
How can you beat that? A year or so ago I had purchased about five different one dollar books they had at Wal-Mart that had tons of puzzles in them. I think they were cheap because they were printed on thin, newspaper type paper. After I got the gist of Sudoku, I went right into the hard and very hard puzzles. I tell you I am a left-brain numbers girl. And to top it off I love puzzles, especially when they have to do with math or problem-solving. I'm not a board game girl. Monopoly ~ never really enjoyed it. Uncle Wiggly and the games Sorry and Life were about it for me. Now that Hubby thinks everyone will "really think you have OCD" instead of just joking about it ~ and what rock has he been living under, he said he could have answered the Know & Tell OCD questions for me ~ now everyone will also think I'm a super-duper math geek. Whatever. At least I've made it through eighth grade math homeschooling the girls and we're getting ready to do ninth grade math. That's a good thing. And just to digress, how many people get to go through every grade again, for me three extra times (not four since I have twins)? When my children feel like complaining about school, that's the card I pull out.

Unfortunately Wal-Mart never carried extra editions of their cheap little books, and I'm too cheap to buy the expensive ones. And I finished those books pretty fast. When I start something I'm a little obsessive about finishing, or maybe it's just being obsessive about the puzzles and I can't stop until they're all done. Anyway, I've done without until this little gadget. It's not as good as paper, because I make little notes in the box while I'm doing it, but it will suffice.

And just in case you were wondering, and just so my mom will know what went on in my head after I learned my multiplication tables in the third grade, I wasn't kidding about the number obsession on Know & Tell Friday. My original number issue was with three and it's multiples. I constantly thought about three, how it added up, how it multiplied, how it doubled, and on and on. By about sixth grade, I prayed that the Lord would take this obsession from me because it wasn't going to go away otherwise, and He did. It was gradual, but it happened pretty fast. Now it's more doing things or eating things in certain quantities. If something is small, like a piece of chocolate or a cookie, I'll eat four, because I have four kids. That's my most common number now. I knew a lady in Illinois who could only eat things in fives. Oh well, to each his own.

Anybody else funny about numbers?

Please tell me yes.


Mari said...

Yes - me too! I love Sudoku. I have a Nintendo DS and I play Sudoku on it all the time. My family says I'm addicted, but if they are watching tv, I sit with them and play my games.
You got a great deal on that!

Heather and Reese said...

I thought that if I started with Sudoku for Dummies and work my way on from there I'd stay mentally sharp for a greater number of years (since I feel I'm already declining). Well, I guess I'll just have to go senile 'cause Sudoku isn't my thing. I was actually on a roll for one evening, but haven't been able to complete one since.

Congrats on the good deal though.


KK's Hubby said...

I had/have a number thing as well. When I was younger it was 7 and 3. Guess why? Yep, football. A touchdown and extra point are 7, and a field goal is 3. I would figure every combination of these numbers. Like if Texas scores 14 points, we (Arkansas) need two touchdowns and extra points to tie, 3 touchdowns to win (21), a touchdown and extra point and 3 field goals to win (16), or 5 field goals to win (15). Prefering touchdowns, I loved 7s. We won't talk safety's and missed extra points.

Heather and Reese said...

I love Sudoku! It is my favorite! I'm definately a numbers girl.


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