Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prince For A Day

You know how I mentioned the new furniture that our hard work moving ourselves (mostly) was helping us get? Well, one of the benefits is that Hubby and I will go from a queen-sized bed (that we've had for all 23 years of our married life) to a king-sized bed. Unfortunately, I know just what I want, so it will be impossible to find.

That said, before we moved there was an interesting conversation that took place between Hubby and kiddos one night. One of the kids said something about Mom and Dad getting a king-sized bed when we moved. That prompted Chatty to mention that she'd be getting a queen-sized bed for her new bed (we saved our mattress and box springs in case it ends up being less expensive than getting her brand new in a full-size). Caboose then stated that he was going to be getting a prince-sized bed for his new bed. After some giggles, Hubby explained bed sizing, which really doesn't make any sense after all.

And I'm really not sure at what point Caboose thought someone else took over the queen role in the house anyway...

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Cherylann said...

LOL...Caboose is so funny :)

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