Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Played the Game

You know that game, "What's different?"

Except I didn't even tell Hubby he was playing it when he got back to town. I just knew he'd notice and I wouldn't have to. He was going to be so proud of himself.

You may or may not remember this picture.

It hangs on the long wall above my bathtub. I love it dearly.

So the end of the tub was empty. You can't just put any picture up there to go with that big old flower picture, and I didn't have anything else, and I hadn't seen anything cute or reasonably priced, etc.

So at Hobby Lobby the other day they had all wall art on sale 50 percent off. So I wandered. I do that well.

Now see what it looks like.

Because I wasn't sharp enough to take a before picture with the empty wall, just imagine it.

They're not tiny. I just knew Hubby would see them. This is our master bathroom! I still do a double-take every time I walk in there and see them hanging there.

I asked him in bed last night if he noticed anything different.

He didn't.

Not until I sent him in to look.


Mari said...

It's perfect!
Bob misses things like that too - the obvious things you expect them to see right away. And then you change some little thing and they notice!

Love Bears All Things said...

It amazes me sometimes how our men don't seem to notice things. I like the art. The color matches the flower picture so well. I like th work art that is out there. I don't have a place for it but I really like the one on top.
Mama Bear

Lora said...

Looks great! My hubby would probably respond the same way...except he noticed my new throw pillows right away~because he hates throw pillows! LOL

Betsy said...

They look perfect there...I need to check out Hobby Lobby! Ours is kind of out of the way and I forget about it!

Shana said...

Ahh men. You gotta love em!

The pictures go so well together. And something encouraging to ponder every time you pass :)

Rochelle said...

looks great!!

my man doesn't notice that sort of stuff either.

Jenny said...

It's seriously a guy thing. My husband will always say "new hair?" I have to laugh at his attempt at saving himself.

MomsTheWord said...

I want that zinnia picture. Where did you get it and can I have it when you're done with it?

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