Saturday, April 10, 2010


It's important.

Comedians find that if their delivery isn't good, their jokes aren't as funny.

In baseball, the delivery of a pitch is of utmost importance.

To parents, a safe and healthy delivery of their newborn baby concerns them.

Almost daily we rely on the postal service for delivery of our mail without giving it much thought, until something goes wrong.

The same could be said for luggage.

Remember this suitcase that Sparky checked in Detroit on the way to JFK on the way to the Accra, Ghana, airport in route to Togo. This was the last time we'd seen it.

Until today.

We received a call at about 10:45 last night that we missed. They called again about 6:00 this morning. They delivered the suitcase a little before 11:00 a.m. to our house.

The outside is cracked.

One of the latches is also bent badly.

And the suitcase strap that secured it since you can't lock them is completely missing, as are all her identification tags. Every single one, except for the original tag the Detroit airport put on it that had the numbers that identified the suitcase as Sparky's.

The inside had been messed up quite a bit. The only thing originally on this side were the stuffed animals, her pillow (which was on the other side now), and a bag with water balloons, chocolate chips, and unsweetened Kool-Aid.

This side wasn't messed up quite as badly.

Except that the two jars of peanut butter were missing, along with those chocolate chips I mentioned. The Kool-Aid was untouched.

I think the suitcase made it to Ghana and the food was taken. Hubby thinks it was taken since it was perishable and the airport people didn't know when it would get back to the appropriate person. The airport still can't tell us where they located the bag and if it ever actually made it overseas.

The last time we saw this bag was on February 20th. It was reported missing at JFK on March 1st. Today is April 10th. If this bag could talk it might have a really good story to tell.


Mari said...

I am really surprised. I didn't think it would ever come back. Will they reimburse you for the damage to the suitcase?

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I don't know what they'll do. The fact that they couldn't even tell me last night where they found the bag and if it left the country or not leaves me a little baffled about them. I'm waiting until Monday to call. I think I'm still in shock that the bag came back!

Jenny said...

OK, that is just crazy. I'm glad you finally got it back, though. Weird.

Rochelle said...

WOW!!! That's horrible. :( So glad you finally got it back though!

Parag said...

Your 'suitcase' had a holiday !!!!!! But jokes apart. You are pretty lucky to find your bag and stuffs (although in haphazard manner) after a gap of two months.
Accra airport

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