Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Project That Won't End

It takes so much longer to paint furniture than I thought it would.

In this picture, the left one has a primer, and the top of the right one has the primer and two additional coats of a glossy paint that matches our trim color.

We thought having multiple shades of whites would be about as bad as all the woods were in the room with the new wall color. We knew the paint color since they left some in the basement, and we were set.

I've had these shelves since I was a senior in high school. They moved with us Hubby's entire military career. I have to have the left one for my doll collection since the top has glass shelving and doors.

There is one on the other side of the room (remember the hole picture). I also have the doors for the bottom of these, the edges of the glass doors for the one with the dolls, and two shelves that were removable. Long, long project (three days at least, and I consider any project I can't finish before bed long), but it's going to be worth it when they are finished.


Mari said...

Painting furniture is a long process. It'll look so good when you are done though!

Love Bears All Things said...

You are sure busy but isn't it fun to do. Can't wait to see the end result.
Mama Bear

Lora said...

I'd much rather paint walls than furniture. It takes forever!

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