Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Generation Gap

Spoiler warning: If you haven't watched tonight's American Idol and don't want to know who got voted off, don't read this.

Tonight we recorded American Idol since we would be at church during the majority of the show. We added five extra minutes so we wouldn't miss who got voted off.

It wasn't enough time.

My mom watches American Idol. She's also in another time zone, so it was safe for the girls to call her and find out who got voted off without worrying about waking her up.

The only problem is, she didn't expect us to call, so she didn't put the name of the person in her memory for remembering.

It was all boys in the bottom three, so it couldn't be narrowed down that way, but Big Mike could be eliminated. Not that he was eliminated. He was not eliminated. He was eliminated from elimination. Good grief.

That left Casey and Tim. My mom said the one that got voted off had long hair.

Now honestly, I would have picked Casey based on that description, but that wasn't all she said.

She also said, "and his hair went whoosh. Do you know what I mean by that?" She went on to describe it further by saying his hair was long enough that it was at his eyebrows and went all the way across his forehead.

So Sparky asked if it was Tim.

"Tim. That sounds like that could be it."


p.s. Thank you for telling the girls and keeping them out of their misery until they could look on the computer tomorrow.


Mari said...

What a funny post!

Betsy said...

OH, fun. I haven't watched this year at all...what's wrong with me? Always fun and suspenseful.

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