Thursday, April 15, 2010

"They Put Me In My Happy Place" Vases...and some pots

I don't buy many things unless I have a way I can use them and a place I can put them.

When I was at Ikea last Friday, I bought something that I didn't really know what to do with. I mean, yes, they are vases, but there are several of them, and I don't have fresh flowers in my house that often.

But I told Mari, "I'm getting them because they put me in my happy place."

I went to Michael's yesterday, and they are having a killer sale on gerbera daisies. The fake ones. They look much more realistic than they do in my pictures. Unless you choose to get the blue, black, or green they sell, and then they don't look so realistic.

This vase is larger than all the others, and I only got one in this size. You know I got it because it's blue. My picture is pitiful, but the flowers do look nice in person (they have a ponytail holder around them right below the rim of the vase and then the stems are kind of splayed out in a circle so they hold themselves up like tent stakes).

I bought three matching smaller vases in blue, green, and yellow. They were displayed in the store with a single flower sticking out of them which I thought was cute. I bought some great big flower (that my cousin probably knows the name of) and stuck them in a little piece of floral foam. Then I covered them with some clear flat marbles.

I didn't know if I was going to use colors or white, so I got three white and two colors, my favorite fuchsia and orange combo. I went ahead and used all three whites together and the colors individually.

Pitiful, pitiful pictures that just make them look fake and sad, but they really look cheery. And yes, fake, but in an okay way.

Then I also got these cute little white pots. One has stripes going vertically and one has them going horizontally. I put fake daisies in there and then hot glued some moss on top of the floral foam.

I think there may be more green on those daisies than there is outside...still. But every day there is a little more. Home Depot had a few hanging pots outside today, so that's got to be a good sign.


Mari said...

I like what you did with these. They look cute and very cheery! I think every time you see them you'll go back to your happy place!

Love Bears All Things said...

I used to live near IKEA. Guess Daisies are hard to resist. Your signature flower?
I need to get some sunflowers and do an arrangement for the living room but I never think of it when I'm at Michaels. Maybe those other flowers are Zinnias.
Mama Bear

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