Friday, April 2, 2010

Lucky Ducky

Last October, the kids and I went to the dentist for our six-month cleaning. Each patient gets to enter a monthly drawing. They have one jar for the adults, and one jar for the kids.

Last October, I won the adult drawing for $100 in restaurant gift cards and Buddy won the kids' drawing for a $50 gift card so he could buy a video game he'd been wanting for the Wii.

We got a call at the end of March, and Caboose won this time. He got a massive Easter basket.

I think they're trying to drum up some extra business.


Mari said...

Wow - your family does well at the dentist!

Love Bears All Things said...

Very lucky but I'm surprised a dentist would give candy.
Mama Bear

Simply Sara said...

Awesome! So exciting to win :)

I have to admit I totally giggled at the idea that a dentist would hand out candy and might be right about them wanting to drum up more business. Heehee.

Rochelle said...

haha, nice!

Happy Easter!!! :) He is Risen!!!

Mom2three said...

Wow! Our dentist doesn't do anything like that, but I take our dentist muffins when we go. He says he loves us! LOL. Have you seen the Peeps Cake from Taste of Home? It looks like a Sunflower!

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