Friday, April 16, 2010


When we moved into our house in November of 2008, about a year and a half ago, I had the fantastic idea to save all our U-Haul moving boxes and packing paper.

We'd just flatten the boxes out like they were when we purchased them and flatten all the paper back out. Then we'd sell it on Craig's List.

Hubby was never excited about that idea. He was actually quite opposed to it, but he humored me anyway. For the last year and a half actually. These boxes have been his nemesis.

While he was gone to El Paso this week I made some calls and found one of the local charities that would accept the boxes and paper as a charitable donation. We can use it as a tax deduction next year, which is almost as good as selling them.

Plus they were gone when Hubby got home.

I didn't take a picture of the boxes before I loaded them up. I did find a picture of them in the background during the garage sale last summer. You can see some of them stacked up behind the boxes I used as make-shift tables.

That's actually two separate stacks of small boxes, then there is a smaller stack of medium boxes beside them.

Today on the way to the airport I dropped off a full van load of boxes. When I say full, I mean that if I hadn't dropped them off before I picked up Hubby, he would have had to leave his suitcase at the airport. Here's what it included:

154 small
40 medium
27 large
3 extra large
1 lay down wardrobe
10 shorty wardrobes

That's 235 boxes. I kept a few for when I need to mail things, I've used a few for that purpose already, we sold 10-15 at the garage sale, a few larger wardrobes and picture boxes wouldn't fit in the van, and several were damaged and put in the recycle box.

Hubby definitely noticed what was different when we opened the garage door, and he was happy his nemesis was gone.

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Mari said...

Good job! Did he notice the clean van?

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Yes, he noticed the clean van too!

Anonymous said...

OH HOW FAAAAAAAABULOUS!!! I actually was able to take a deep cleansing breath when I read this! YOU SHOULD SEE MY GARAGE!!! My boxes are full of junk though. When we moved in here (almost 2 years ago) I refused to let ANY boxes in the house unless they had a place to go. yeah, we have a 3 car garage and one car section is piled high with full boxes. Ugh. One day I'll tackle this!!

Found ya on Mari's blog....I think it's so neat you ladies got to get together! :)


Love Bears All Things said...

When we moved to Memphis, I saved the paper and boxes from the moving company. One year later we moved into a house we bought(before we were leasing) and used them a second time. 5 years later, I used them again when we moved back to Alabama plus two packages of U-Haul boxes and some wardrobes. U-Haul will actually buy back boxes. I didn't even try to sale them theirs, just donated them. Then I found someone who was moving and gave the rest away.
I've kept a few for future need.We put some of the flattened boxes in the van when we haul things to protect the carpet.
Mama Bear

To 6feetover: if you still have the stuff after 2 years, chances are you don't need it.

Kansas Amy said...

That is a LOT of boxes! Glad you made room for the hubby! Stop by for my 100th post giveaway if you get a chance!

Betsy said...

Can van, empty garage....he's gonna think you're the best!...if he didn't already! :)

very off topic, but I just copied down your taco seasoning recipe. Do you still mix in the 3/4 cup of water? thanks.

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