Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Cute kids.

Cute Hubby. Fluffy me. Sparky told me the other day big hair was in. Sweet girl.

Resurrection cookies Easter morning. It's hard to see that they are hollow once you bite into them.

Colored eggs from our egg spinners. The two new ones had great dye in it that was really bright. We shared it around a little at the end. Getting the extra two spinners so they all had one was a great choice. Egg decorating has never been more fun and less stressful.

This was the starting pile for the Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt after we got home from church on Sunday.

Do you know that stinker Sparky picked up the egg with the clue the first time! But then she thought it was a fake clue and didn't read it until they were about halfway through. All the others were empty or had blank papers folded up in them, and that was the only one with writing.

In the middle of the hunt one of the clues was simply 'Find Spud.' We thought they would probably go for Mr. Potato Head, but I thought they might go to the place in the pantry where I keep the potatoes, especially since Buddy just helped me put them away last week.

So we got sneaky and put a blank paper in the egg with the potatoes and hid the real clue with Mr. Potato Head. They first looked for Pringles (Spuddies from Over the Hedge) but we didn't have any potato chips. Then they looked where the potatoes were and found the fake clue. As they ran up the stairs to the Potato Head, Sparky said, "They stepped up the game." That's a high compliment from her.

We also had one that stumped them and they ended up using the dictionary. As soon as they knew what the word was (it was a flower name) they figured it out pretty fast.

Fun and educational. Who knew?


Bobbi said...

I love how you "stepped up the game!" Hehehe...sounds like funtimes!!! Your family is beautiful...including Mama with her glorious big hair!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Your group picture is nice. I couldn't get Wonder Boy to pose so I made a photo of him lying on the floor. No problem with the Princess.

Don't you love those scavenger hunts. When I do one, I make a rhyme about the next location.
Mama Bear

Mari said...

You guys all look great! Sounds like they all had fun with the hunt too - way to go in stepping up the game!

Betsy said...

Love those family pictures! All the kids are growing up so fast!

and yes, big hair is "in"...and I love yours! (jealous!)

Who do you know that knows me? :)

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