Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Book Reviews...The Cat Who Played Post Office & Murder, She Wrote: A Palette for Murder

I'm going to squeeze a couple of reviews into one post since they are both parts of series and are going to be simple reviews for me.

I enjoy "The Cat Who..." series immensely. Lilian Jackson Braun does a good job with the plot and usually keeps me guessing whodunit. Qwilleran is a veteran newspaper reporter and his cat can sniff out the clues to the mystery at hand. If you haven't read any of the series, this is not the book to start with. I say that only because it might ruin reading previous books in the series since where Qwilleran ends up in this book inevitably tells a little of what happened in the previous book.

Murder, She Wrote: A Palette for Murder is about the seventh book in this series. I read series in order by nature of my OCD issues. I don't think you really need to with this series, it's just my personal preference and habit. I couldn't sit down and read this entire series without a break, but I do enjoy reading one of these cozy mysteries every so often. This one was based on the art world, and it wasn't difficult to follow like the first book in "The Cat Who..." series. I felt like I almost needed an art degree at times to follow that book. Even if I figure out whodunit in these books, usually I don't fully know why. There is usually a little bit or piece of information that the reader doesn't know. But it doesn't bother me not to be able to figure it out.

These are both good series for the group who likes light murder mysteries, which I affectionately refer to as "Nancy Drew for grown-ups."


Mari said...

I love the cat books. I've read most of them but should probably check the library for new ones.

Beth F said...

I should get back to the Cat Who . . . series. I always liked Qwill and the cats.

Lora said...

Glad you're liking the cat series! I've never read any of the Murder She Wrote books, but I loved the tv show:) I might have to try the books, too....You seem to be doing very well on your reading list! I'm a little slow this time around.

Just Mom said...

I love the Cat Who books too. Haven't read one in awhile but your post makes me want to see what has come out since I stopped.

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