Monday, October 13, 2008


You know, 43 is a really strange number. It's an odd number to start with, as opposed to even, and I've said before how much I don't really care for most odd numbers. But that aside, it's a prime number, too. That makes it a more unusual odd number. (For those of you who aren't math geeks [and my mother] a prime number is one whose only factors are one and itself.)

So can you guess how old Hubby is today? Yep, 43 whopping years old. That makes him older than me for roughly two and a half months. Yippee!

I have a few pictures of Hubby that I have in our family scrapbook. I got them from his maternal grandfather right after his grandmother passed away in 1997. I could tell he was very hesitant to let me borrow them to get some copies made. They were his only connection to the past at that point. I didn't get to make very many copies because of the cost involved. How I wish they had those Kodak Picturemakers where it's only about a quarter for a 4x6 copy now.

You know I also love that mosaic maker. They have a feature where you can put four pictures in a narrow vertical mosaic. I used Hubby's first eight years of school pictures and did just that. They turned out so cute! No wonder I married him.

I think it's very funny when you get to the eight grade pictures and older how all of a sudden the guys stop smiling. It's like they have to look tough. I thought it was just the sports pictures, but quick looks back at yearbooks and many times it can be the school pictures too. At least until the senior pictures roll around and you end up with some smiles there.

This was Hubby's 9th grade basketball picture and 10th grade football picture. You'd think that since Hubby and I dated from 9th grade on that I would have all those years of school pictures, but I can't seem to locate 9th or 11th grade. I couldn't when I did the scrapbook either. They may have been mangled in my wallet back then.

Hubby turned 13 on Friday the 13th. Not that we are superstitious people, but that year he broke his arm twice (the same one) and almost broke his ankle.

Enough reminiscing for now. Hope you have a great birthday, Hubby. I love you!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I loved looking at the pictures and I think Buddy looks a lot like him!

Betsy said...

Happy, happy day! The Mister and I started dating as teens like you two! :)

Lora said...

Hope he has had a great day!!

MomsTheWord said...

Those pictures are classics! I think he resembles his brother in a couple and I've never thought they looked much alike. Happy Birthday from AR.

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