Sunday, October 26, 2008


There is a local grocery chain called Meijer's, pronounced like Meyer's or "I want me some Oscar Mayer's weiners." We don't get much there because it's a little pricey unless you're going specifically for something on sale, but it's basically like a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Well, I have a thing for snowmen, and I haven't bought anything new for Christmas in the last couple of years. They have these darling melamine dishes, which I now have some of:

I have two of the top set and six of the bottom set. (There's another Meijer's closer to our church and I might see if they have four of the blue snowmen plates so I can have six of that set too.) The bottom plates only have dots on the rims and I'm thinking I can use those year-round.

Then the other night I got four of these little melamine plates at Wal-Mart:

They're for the kids to use when they are eating their Christmas cookies.

Apparently I'm skipping fall and going straight to Christmas, but nobody in my house apartment seems to mind, because they all have a thing for cute snowmen too. Must be genetic. Or else they just want Christmas cookies.


Lora said...

Love those dishes!! So cute!

I hope you can get into your house soon. I know with the holidays coming soon that you have to be stressing (at least I would be:) That's great that you get a tree this year! I go a little nuts with the decorating at our house. Last year I had 2 large trees and 5 little ones. Like I said: nuts!!

Thanks for you very nice comments on my photos. I took those last Christmas.

Your church's Christmas missionary outreach sounds wonderful! I love participating in things like that. Missionaries are close to my heart: having been on the mission field and the fact that my dad still does missions work. Missionaries are "good dirt" to invest in!

Heather and Reese said...

I love the plates! I too have a thing for snowmen. And polka dots.



Mari said...

I go to Meijers too and around my area it is considered one of the cheaper stores! I love snowmen and I think those plates are cute!

Sandy Toes said...

Very cute..I love polka dots!!
-Sandy toes

Betsy said...

Very cherry Christmas plates! And, Christmas is only 59 days away! eeeek!

Lora said...

Hey! I guessed right: snowmen!:) Very cute!

I will get that white chili recipe posted in a day or so, too.

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