Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Wide World of, Pop-Tarts

There is a new style of limited edition printed Pop-Tarts: College Football. The Arkansas Razorbacks were pictured on the box, so I had to buy one. The first package Caboose opened had these two brown-sugar cinnamon pastries, the Arizona Wildcats and the Arkansas Razorbacks. How much fun is that?

Caboose ate around the artwork, and then I found them like this on the table.

My four kids went through an entire package of Pop-Tarts before and after dinner. When I say before, I mean an hour or less, and when I say after, I mean within an hour after. They were animals. Those kids even ate a great dinner, because I fixed one of their favorite meals, tacos.

They were also disappointed to find out I only intended to put the Razorback and Wildcat pictures on here, so I told them I'd put one picture on here of all their Pop-Tarts before they finished eating them. There was a duplicate of the Michigan Wolverines, so Hubby got to eat it.

They are pretty cute — my kids and the Pop-Tarts. Good thing they are limited edition though, because I don't need the little people in my house begging for these things and wolfing them down. I bought them the first time without being asked. Imagine a little cute pressure.


Lora said...

How cool are those!?! Especially that razorback:)

Mari said...

Those are pretty cool!

Funky Finds said...

oh my! i heard from a friend about the texas tech one (i'm an alum) and wanted it so badly! very cool :)

Ronnica said...

Fun! Though I'd only buy them if they were all OU ones.

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