Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Fun At The Cider Mill

This last Saturday was beautiful and was the perfect opportunity for another trip to the cider mill. Our outdoorsy kids love to go hiking and climbing around the trails. Of course they had to get their sugar rush energy up first with some apple cider donuts and apple cider.

No trip into nature is complete without a picture of the ducks, at least as far as Hubby is concerned:

Some of the trees are at their peak right now:

This tree had natural knots on it where the kids could climb up. We have pictures of them on it one or two at a time, but here's one with all of them at once:

Here's a fall picture of them walking down the trail (click here if you want to see the post with a picture in late summer):

Here the kids are on a tree that had fallen down (Caboose is still crawling out on it):

Now here's a little fact about Caboose: he cannot stand to wear long sleeves. And we moved to Michigan. Scary thought. I actually have to put his shorts away where he can't find them when it gets cool, otherwise he'll still try to wear them. But his sleeves...he pulls them up to his elbows. I thought he would outgrow it by now. For goodness sakes, the boy is almost nine years old! But he's had to wear long sleeves a few times in the last few weeks and it's the same old thing — put on the shirt because Mom makes me and yank my sleeves up to my elbows.

Well, Saturday was cool and he had to wear a jacket. Actually it was a pullover sweatshirt, but then look at him a little while later:

That boy is nuts I tell you.

I'll leave you with a few other pictures of the kids:

Bye! See ya next time.


Betsy said...

Those pictures are awesome...the scenery couldn't have been better!

Apple cider and doughnuts...yum!

Mari said...

What great pictures! I especially like the one of them on the trail. Tell Caboose that there is another crazy person in Michigan who doesn't like long sleeves. I'm always pushing mine up even though I'm frequently cold. They just bug me!

Lora said...

What a fun day! I especially love the pic of the four kiddos walking down the road. Looks like you're having a beautiful autumn, too.

MomE said...

I love the pic of the four walking away...my friend just did this in a corn maze...I'm going to have to try it soon! Sooo cute! I just love the Fall!

Monica said...

Love the pics :o) Buddy is just about as tall as Sparky! Maybe he'll be taller than me soon!
Love Ya :o)

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