Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We're Official!

We are now official Michigan residents. What would that make us? Michiganites? Michigonians? Northerners? Our families might just start calling us the Yankee relatives.

The deed that made it official? Not our house purchase quite yet, but getting Michigan drivers' licenses, license plates for our two vehicles, and registering to vote. We did get vanity plates to show where our true loves lie though. Without putting the exact ones on here for the whole bloggy world to see, one will be a short form of RAZORBACKS and one will be a short form of IHATECUBS. We were all a little concerned about driving a vehicle to church that has "hate" on it, but some of the sports lovers in the family decided it only had to do with a sports team and it was just the Cubs anyway, so it wouldn't matter. We decided to try it for a year. If we get blackballed from church or our tires get slashed, that might be a sign we should change it.

I'm just happy to have a picture ID that looks like me. My picture on my military dependent ID was taken over three and a half years ago and shows me with layered, short hair that's above my shoulders. My last driver's license photo was over two years ago when my hair was quite a bit shorter than it is now and was the one day I decided to dry my hair out smooth, which really isn't very smooth, but enough that it doesn't really look like me.

I mean, do you really think they look like I look now? Sales clerks, the military guard gate people, bank tellers, my friends I've known for several years, my family that lives with me — they all have to double check to make sure it's me when they look at one of my old IDs.

I guess underneath it all the face was always the same. But I'm still glad I'll have that ID that looks like me.


Betsy said...

I think that makes you a Wolverine....and being from Ohio...I'll TRY not to hold that against you! ;)

Mari said...

Welcome to Michigan. We are also called Michiganders! Funny, right?

Lora said...

I was going to say you must be Wolverines now, too, but Betsy beat me to it:)

Heather and Reese said...

My hubby is from Michigan and his mom always said they were Michiganders too - LOL!!!!! That always cracked me up! :)


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