Monday, October 6, 2008

R=A+N+D#O>M Ramblings

We're living in a corporate apartment, which is just a fancy name for a furnished apartment that you can rent for a really short amount of time. Since we have so many people in our family, we couldn't rent the one we originally called about, which also happened to be a two-bedroom. It must have been a square footage issue. Well, you would think that since more people were allowed to be in this apartment you might have space for a few more around the table to eat. Nope. Round glass table, four chairs. Let's just say that apartment cooking has its challenges, especially when serving six people at a table for four. Homeschooling, even more.
One of my biggest dilemmas is where to put the litter box in the new house. The only thing that took more thought was whether to get all black or black and stainless appliances. I finally chose all black. The litter box is still undecided.
Speaking of stainless appliances, did you know it's almost impossible to find a stainless refrigerator with black sides? They make most of them with gray sides now to make it look like it's all stainless. It just looks like it's stainless with gray sides.

My boys both want a dog, and you might remember that Caboose is going to live with us forever. I on the other hand am not really a dog person. It pretty much has to do with the wet nose touching know, it all just comes back to that thing I so affectionately refer to as OCD. Has to be, because other people just don't seem to have that problem. My cat's nose. Not a problem. So anyway, Caboose asked the other day if when Peka, our cat, dies in like 20 years we could get a dog. Noooo, I just left that one alone.
I also don't want a dog because it goes outside and gets its feet dirty. But I have a cat that walks in a litter box.

Do you say pecan (pih-kahn') or pecan (pea'-can)? We just discovered a third pronounciation in Michigan: it's pecan (pea'-kahn), a mix of those two. My brain is awash in confusion. If they come up with a third pronounciation for either and neither, I'm outta here!
Most of us are in the living room and we hear a small crash in the kitchen/dining room area. After asking Caboose several times what happened and not getting a response, he comes walking in the room towards me, and he's carrying my Blackberry. Imagine him using his hands when he talks, because he takes after me and all, and he says, while swinging the Blackberry through the air in illustration, "Your phone came swinging down through the air like Tarzan on a rope, but then it hit a tree and fell off." Here's the translation: it was plugged in the charger, he knocked it off getting a straw out of the straw container, and it went swinging down and came unplugged when it hit the tree, which is another word for the big water dispenser. I just love eight-year-old's analogies.
Speaking of Tarzan, did you know a ceiling fan string will not hold a four-year-old boy playing Tarzan? He was swinging from one sister's bed to the other. However, the string will stay attached to the ceiling fan as it comes out of the ceiling.


Heather and Reese said...

As much as I miss having a cat (hubby has allergies) I am glad not to have a cat walking around my house with litter box feet. That grosses me out. A dog walks through the grass, which cleans its feet as it does. Now and then it even rapidly "wipes" its back feet on the grass after doing its business.

Also, after a cat cleans its backside with its tongue, it licks its fur so it can spread the poo germs all over itself. In fact, we've been told that the cat allergies my hubby suffers from is actually an allergy to the cat's poo, which is covering its whole body due to being such a "clean", lick-happy animal.

Just thought I'd throw that out there...

I'm with you on the wet dog noses though. I always washed my hands after touching the dog at all. I actually offended a dog lover once when I told her that. She looked at me like I was crazy.


Lora said...

My kiddos are really wanting a pet, too. Before we had children we had a cat and a dog. The cat was indoor/outdoor and the dog was strictly outdoor. I love dogs, but not in the house. The cat wasn't that great inside either because she was long-haired. I went through lint rollers like crazy! We did train her to go through a kitty door to the garage for her litter box and I was so glad to get it out of the house. After children she moved outside permenantly. Mostly because my mom was driving me nuts-ha! She's not much of a pet person and my dad is allergic and she couldn't stand the thought of that cat hair around her new grandbaby. I was just sick of being pestered about (even though I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of agreeing about the cat hair:).

We couldn't move with our pets to AL because of the apt., etc, and so we found them good homes with friends back in AR. So now I'm kind of used to not having pets now, although I do sort of miss them. We've decided that when we make our moving decision we'll probably let the kiddos have a pet, we're just not sure what kind yet.
P.S. I'm with Reese on the hand washing after petting pets. I do that, too. But then you know me and the hand washing issue:)

Ronnica said...

I say "peacan" by putting the accent on the second syllable. Do they say "pop" where you are? Because that's my favorite thing about Michiganders (probably not the official term...), because I say "pop" too.

PinkDaisyGirl said...

Yep, they all call it pop around here. Where I grew up everyone called "pop" "coke," so if I said I wanted a coke, it meant I wanted a diet Coke. If you didn't know someone very well, you'd just ask them what kind of coke they wanted, even if it meant Pepsi.

How funny, I just heard the term Michiganders for the first time today, and then you used it too.

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