Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do You Have Conversations Like This At Your House?

A recent conversation between Hubby and me:

Kayren: "Do you know where your passport is?"

Hubby: "It's in that thing. You know the one I'm talking about?"

Kayren: "You mean the 600 denier nylon approximately 12" x 5" black zip-up thing I bought you on sale from Land's End online for $12.95 before you went to Kuwait in 2003 to keep your passport and other important documents in?"

Hubby: "Yeah, that thing."


Mari said...

Oh yeah - we do that too. It happens after you've been married for awhile!

Betsy said...

No, actually...we don't! But getting to know you and your mind with all those details and organizational skills, I can believe that you had that conversation! tee-hee! I would have said, "It's in that black binder." :)

Demara said...

haha! Yes I can gets really bad when...

you are both saying things like:
"Do you know where my thing is?" and hubby responds: "ya it's in that thing over there!"

This too has happened to us, and surprisingly we understand each-other most of the time.

MomE said...

Ha...I remember the odd details too. Ironically, my dh was just looking for his passport case thingy the other night too. I knew where it our daughter's purse basket...and how much it cost $12.99! HA ha ha!

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